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Many thanks again for your acquisition of your aQuatell water softener showcasing the Fleck 7000SXT control shutoff. This page will take you with the configuration as well as shows of your water softener. Please adhere to along meticulously!

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Your aQuatell water softener shipped with the riser tube (or turbulator) and resin currently pre-loaded right into the conditioning container. Next off, install the top media screen on the control valve, and after that screw the control valve into the container.

You can find the brine line kept in the brine well (a 4" size white tube inside the brine container). The brine line connects the control shutoff to the brine storage tank (also known as salt tank). At various phases of the regeneration Fleck 7000SXT Water Softener Review is pumped into the salt water storage tank, and salt water salt water is sucked out of the brine container.

At a number of stages of the regeneration of your softener, water will be sent to drain pipes. We have to attach a drain line to the Fleck 7000SXT control valve for this function. The open end of the drainpipe line can be discharged in any of a variety of ways (depending on environment and regional plumbing code):.

release the drainpipe line outdoors to a pit, swale, or lawn .
discharge to a floor drain.
connect the drain line straight to a household drain pipeline.

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Whatever method is used, there are a number of things to remember:.

make certain the drain line could not ever ice up.
make sure the drain line isn't really kinked, curved, or bented.
the open end of the drainpipe line need to be protected otherwise the pressure of discharging water may cause it to move.
if discharging to a floor drainpipe or various other drain, see to it you leave an air void (a splitting up between the end of the drainpipe tube and also the standing degree of the water).
the drain line could be elevated several feet over the elevation of the conditioner without impairing efficiency.

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The next step is to attach your existing pipes to the plumbing ports you simply connected to the bypass. Considering that every installation is various it's difficult to give step by step instruction on the best ways to plumb your softener to your existing lines. But below are some crucial indicate bear in mind:.

make use of a percentage of teflon tape on threaded fittings.
make sure the weight of your plumbing is not being sustained by the conditioner bypass (safe and secure plumbing lines to the wall surface or ceiling to sustain their weight).
Make certain the inner diameter is the exact same as your indigenous pipes material otherwise you may produce a bottleneck if utilizing knotted adapters or other plumbing aids.
If you want to conserve a whole lot of time as well as initiative on your setup, we highly advise Falcon Flex Connectors.
Arrowheads on the bypass program which side the raw water goes into as well as which side the soft water exits - extremely vital to obtain this!
Fracture open the bypass shutoff on the water inlet side and allow the conditioner gradually load with water. Because the water in your hot water container is not softened, it might take a couple of days for the hot water to completely cycle with.

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Your conditioner is now fully installed, set, as well as all set to go! Before doing this, add two or 3 gallons of water to the salt water storage tank.

The regeneration will certainly take about an hour and also a half. There are a number of phases to the regeneration procedure. During the 2nd stage, the Salt water Draw (BD) stage, it is essential to earn certain that the water in the brine container is created. Please watch this stage for a number of mins to make certain the water degree in the brine container is decreasing. Sign in on the first regeneration occasionally making certain nothing is leaking.

When this very first regrowth is full the brine storage tank will certainly have a determined quantity of water in it. You can now add salt to the brine container. We obtain asked regularly what kind of salt we advise.

As far as we can inform, the performance of a conditioner has little to do with the sort of salt used. Basically any salt you could receive from the regional equipment shop, large box, food store, or gasoline station will work nicely. Simply do not utilize salt licks or salt that's indicated for spreading on pathways. All aQuatell water softeners are compatible with potassium salt additionally.